Love and what it means.

February 11, 2010 katherync

Love to me is a realm where you enter and there’s another world completely different from the one we live in now.  Some times you may find nothing but other times you may find your soul mate and all the friends you could ever hope for. Love is when you have very affectionate feeling toward someone and if they do not live with you can barely live or you are sad and feel like somethings always missing. When and if you belive you have found love you might realize your heart is pounding and your stomach has butterflies.  Also your hands are sweaty and your nerves are on the rage. That’s how it may feel when you feel love. If you see some else in love they may have googly eyes shored their loved one and they may talk none stop about them. Also they may have new petty items that they get when there is not a real big action and when there is a big action like valentines day they have lots of fancy thing and their faces glow from happiness. Love is an overwhelming power but can be used as a weapon if the skill as been learned. People are born with the ability to love it is a nature part of who we are. People learn to hate and to shut it out anything. Everyone can love  anything it is when they judge it on how they are makes it different. It is when they are faced with something strange or very odd is when they do not love it and opposite which slowly grows in it to hate. If people can learn to hate then they can relearn to love. Mostly everyone loves them self so when your not like them its easy to hate them. Love is what makes you feel warm inside and when you have love you can do anything. That is what love is and can be.


Entry Filed under: My life and what I think about it.

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