Girls get it easist and it rocks!!!

February 19, 2010 katherync

Girls always get what they want by using their “girly powers”. Girls get away with more things than guys do for one reason that is every simple. Guys are rash in their actions. Girls can be more layed back and have ways to manipulate people to have them be queens of the world. Most girls can have the best power which is being a suck up to dear old mother and father. When they us this so-called power they can get anything if they try.  Girls also being calmer type of person do not have to pay as much for car insurance. For an amount of girls they have it easier by being stay at home mothers and only have to care for the house and what kids at home.  Most girls are petite and the job given to girls do not require heavy lifting. Then girls being the beautiful people they are have guys pay for the frist date and most items they want. Girls can do almost everything a guy can do while it’s not the same for guys like how it would be odd for a guy to wear a skirt. Though now in the 21 century the different between girls and guys is becoming very small. Every one is being treated mostly the same and more things that would be odd for a girl or a guy to do is now more common. I do believe girls have it a little bit easier than guys but that’s in the 21 century maybe in the future girls will be paying the prise.  Though right now I’m a girl I do believe I get it easily.


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  • 1. Addie  |  March 12, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    I don’t believe girls have it the easiest. Yes, sometimes girls can use their “girly powers” to get what they want, but most of the time girls must work harder than guys to get most things.Sometimes girls must work harder fir what they want because they are not taken seriously.
    Although, girls usually have a choice to work or be a stay at home mom it is still very hard. I believe that being a mom and raising kids is MUCH HARDER than any other job. Since women are usually the ones who take care of the house and kids, they have much harder.
    But I do agree girls have it easier when they are go out on dates. Since the boys pay for everything, a girl doesn’t have much t.o worry about

  • 2. ydunkley  |  April 12, 2010 at 12:40 am

    I think that boys have it easier. Although the girls stay at home and clean and cook, boys have to work and come home. Working a job for a couple of hours, instead of cleaning 24 hours, makes boys have it easier. You do have a good point about girls have power on there parents. Boys don’t really suck up to there parents. When you said that girls have a calmer attitude, I disagree because girls usually are involved in drama and problems. When boys get in a fight or have problems, I think they get over it faster than girls. Girls hold grudges on each other while boys go and play basketball together. When you said that girls have to pay less car insurance, I don’t think that because they are girls they get to pay less but I think that it depends on the person and not there sex. My last point is that, when you said that girls are petite. Girls have to maintain there figure. Guys do not stress over diet and exercise. They might work out one day of the week, and not work as hard as girls. I see where you thought that girls have it easier but I think that boys have it easier.

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