Eyes and what they can mean in a movie.

March 4, 2010 katherync

There are many colors of eyes.  There are blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, black and many more shades. There are four main colors brown, green,  red, and blue. To me the color of the eye symbolises more than just the color. Whenever you watch a movie and it has specific characters, they show close up one detailed body parts and one major part is their eyes.  for instance when you see a vampire movie their eyes are all ways red eyes, compared to a mystical movie where they have bright green eyes. Then the blue eyes  in movies are  given to strong characters, ones that do a small thing that causes a lot or the character is cast in water where they likely put blue eyes to exaggerate the beauty. When red is placed in an eye color it usually means death, horror, unloving, it also gives blood a deeper color since the red is already being shown they do place it in vampire and dead or anything to scare an audience. Green eyes show nature, secrets, an ability to hide,  peace and curiosity then unlike red  most green eyes are found in elf, cats, or hunter. Though when you see brown eyes it not a surprise because it is a very common eye color though in  a movie it can mean warmth, calm, and death you can see brown see in any one more commonly expired maybe in elf but everyone can though they are lower mood characters its gives the same feel as green but much more calmer. Finally there are blue eyes which show life, passion, knowledge, mystery, and innocence which are usually in any character that would be in the story helping any thing if it asked these characters could be water creators, moon gods, and any innocent character. That is what some of the eye colors in movie characters represent and where you may find it being shown.


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