The danger of milk that I learned the hard way.

April 14, 2010 katherync

As a child I ate and drank every heath. My mother never feed me junk food and when she did it was when we where on a road trip with no food of our own. Though as I grow so does my body. My mom had my brother and I drink milk all the time. However she could, if it was plain milk, chocolate or how ever it would be. My family loves milk, with the creamy feel and the knowing that it helps us grow. Though my mother and I would find out that when I am sick or have anything wrong in my stomach to NEVER give me milk. It was not until I was about 2 when we frist found out but it was always forgotten so we would have to remember it though the experience of me throwing up. Now we do not have that problem cause after seeing throw up stains we know I have a weak stomach. It is something that My family and I learned the hard way but I believe you could not know any other way than that. So know when I am sick or my stomach hurts never to go near milk. Though I still drink it when I am not sick cause i know it will keep my body in shape and it tastes every good.


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