How to ignore horrible peaple to be able to stay happy.

April 26, 2010 katherync

The key to staying happy is ignoring people who are rude or anything that would to you be horrible. When some one comes in to your life and you know for a fact that you do not like them you need to go to a place that is happy and ignore them to a point until you need to interact with them. People will be people and if you d not like the way they live then you must simply ignore them for the benefit of yourself. If for any reason that you can not ignore them there is not much left to do but hope for the best. When frist confronted with a person that you do not care to hear think of something that you like, go to a happy world of your own. if that does not work try talking to some one that you like to talk to tune the person that you do not like out until you can hear them. Once in a case that the person that the dislike talks to you must stop the conversation as soon as possible without the other person trying to keep talking. Keep your ears open for other conversations so you can talk to other people without having to talk to the disliked person. All in all you have options to ignore the disliked person. Just be careful, think and listen so you can avoid sorting that you do not want and in turn make you sad.


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  • 1. Ms. Martin  |  May 11, 2010 at 3:58 pm


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