What I want to do before I am 35.

April 28, 2010 katherync

My life is every special. I have done most of my dreams already with the help of my family. I have Traveled most of the world and have interacted with many people. I have done the things I am able to do at my age. Though when I am 35 I hope to be married and have children. I would like to be done with college and have a Dr. degree. I plan on being a dentist or something related to it. My life as been wonderful, I have had the best of friends and the most amazing family. I believe that I have seen everything that can happen in a life. I have seen scratching for money and the rich of the rich. I have had adrenaline rushes from things like roller coasters and have been depress with having family die. I have learned to see the beauty in everything and to live life with love because there is not much life to really live if you think about it. I believe I might want to se more of the world it would be nice to understand how every one can be different in their own way. Though having a family is always something to work for. It would finally be amazing if I still pay the flute for small concert near me so I can bring the wonders of music to people. That is what I would like to do before or when I am 35.


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