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Girls get it easist and it rocks!!!

Girls always get what they want by using their “girly powers”. Girls get away with more things than guys do for one reason that is every simple. Guys are rash in their actions. Girls can be more layed back and have ways to manipulate people to have them be queens of the world. Most girls can have the best power which is being a suck up to dear old mother and father. When they us this so-called power they can get anything if they try.  Girls also being calmer type of person do not have to pay as much for car insurance. For an amount of girls they have it easier by being stay at home mothers and only have to care for the house and what kids at home.  Most girls are petite and the job given to girls do not require heavy lifting. Then girls being the beautiful people they are have guys pay for the frist date and most items they want. Girls can do almost everything a guy can do while it’s not the same for guys like how it would be odd for a guy to wear a skirt. Though now in the 21 century the different between girls and guys is becoming very small. Every one is being treated mostly the same and more things that would be odd for a girl or a guy to do is now more common. I do believe girls have it a little bit easier than guys but that’s in the 21 century maybe in the future girls will be paying the prise.  Though right now I’m a girl I do believe I get it easily.


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Love and what it means.

Love to me is a realm where you enter and there’s another world completely different from the one we live in now.  Some times you may find nothing but other times you may find your soul mate and all the friends you could ever hope for. Love is when you have very affectionate feeling toward someone and if they do not live with you can barely live or you are sad and feel like somethings always missing. When and if you belive you have found love you might realize your heart is pounding and your stomach has butterflies.  Also your hands are sweaty and your nerves are on the rage. That’s how it may feel when you feel love. If you see some else in love they may have googly eyes shored their loved one and they may talk none stop about them. Also they may have new petty items that they get when there is not a real big action and when there is a big action like valentines day they have lots of fancy thing and their faces glow from happiness. Love is an overwhelming power but can be used as a weapon if the skill as been learned. People are born with the ability to love it is a nature part of who we are. People learn to hate and to shut it out anything. Everyone can love  anything it is when they judge it on how they are makes it different. It is when they are faced with something strange or very odd is when they do not love it and opposite which slowly grows in it to hate. If people can learn to hate then they can relearn to love. Mostly everyone loves them self so when your not like them its easy to hate them. Love is what makes you feel warm inside and when you have love you can do anything. That is what love is and can be.

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How I became affected.

My life will be  affected everyday and some times I can  go without  even noticing it. Though if I think about it them it does affect me even more and create the person I am now.  Some thing  that as accrued today that has effected my life has been my friends and how we stated talking about school then we where side tracked by a conversation near us about family. that in turn had us start talking about our siblings and how they are doing and that recently they have dealt with a lot of unusual ordeals. We ended up talking about how they have to go to the Orthdontist and miss school causing them to have all A’s and a U in one class that they missed due to that which also was math. Then we discussed how in the elementary school there was a fight in the 5th grade now all 5th graders have lots most of their privileges. Like how they now have silent lunch, no dances, and any other activities have been taken away because of two girls that got in a fight, supposedly. Then we started talking about books that had fighting in them just because our minds where think about fights. we went off about book so many types of books and movies that go with them. then there was a discussion about movies and again about fighting movies which made us start thinking of the 5th grade fight . by that time we had to go and say good-bye untill next time to see what happens with all the drama that we spread though our  word.  That is how I became affected.

1 comment February 1, 2010

My Flaw

My most upsetting flaw would be my teeth. I have had braces since I was 6 years old and I got them off on May 5 2009 which was probably the happiest day of my life. I have been though so much in 10 years with braces, retainers, and anything you can ever imaged needed to fix teeth I had to use at one point. I have been self condenses of my teeth I always think about them I have become obsessed with teeth over all. I have though about my own teeth for so long I can’t stop. My weakness is that I want my teeth be perfect and if they aren’t I become very upset and do everything in my power to fix it. Right now my teeth have become stained from my braces so, my next mission is to get them whitened and I really want them be as white as they can get and to look very nice. When I think about my future my teeth are perfect but I want to help other peoples teeth so I plan on becoming a Orthendontist so I can help everyone the way others helped my teeth.

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