Recently the weather has been rainy. There has been major floods from the rain. they have covered from up in Ohio to part of Alabama. Though to me it does not refer to me where  I live it is sunny and there are no floods. There have been recent reports of schools and buildings underwater in Tennessee. You think this does not affect me but it does. I was born and raised in Tennessee until 1st grade. I lived in Knoxville Tennessee and it has been flooded. My mother tells me that the elementary school that I went to is underwater. Though our house would have been fine since we lived on I hill of an area with few homes. I wonder if I went back there now I would not be able to go to school because it would be underwater. I would have to stay longer and miss part of summer.The power in my home most likely would not work for a few days since it is hard to get power to the area I lived. neighbors would work together but there is still a lake of water everywhere from the flood. Those people in Tennessee have to rebuild and clean up from the flood. I feel bad for them and wish I could help though Tennessee is a Ural state and going back to help would be hard for any one place.


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What I want to do before I am 35.

My life is every special. I have done most of my dreams already with the help of my family. I have Traveled most of the world and have interacted with many people. I have done the things I am able to do at my age. Though when I am 35 I hope to be married and have children. I would like to be done with college and have a Dr. degree. I plan on being a dentist or something related to it. My life as been wonderful, I have had the best of friends and the most amazing family. I believe that I have seen everything that can happen in a life. I have seen scratching for money and the rich of the rich. I have had adrenaline rushes from things like roller coasters and have been depress with having family die. I have learned to see the beauty in everything and to live life with love because there is not much life to really live if you think about it. I believe I might want to se more of the world it would be nice to understand how every one can be different in their own way. Though having a family is always something to work for. It would finally be amazing if I still pay the flute for small concert near me so I can bring the wonders of music to people. That is what I would like to do before or when I am 35.

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How to ignore horrible peaple to be able to stay happy.

The key to staying happy is ignoring people who are rude or anything that would to you be horrible. When some one comes in to your life and you know for a fact that you do not like them you need to go to a place that is happy and ignore them to a point until you need to interact with them. People will be people and if you d not like the way they live then you must simply ignore them for the benefit of yourself. If for any reason that you can not ignore them there is not much left to do but hope for the best. When frist confronted with a person that you do not care to hear think of something that you like, go to a happy world of your own. if that does not work try talking to some one that you like to talk to tune the person that you do not like out until you can hear them. Once in a case that the person that the dislike talks to you must stop the conversation as soon as possible without the other person trying to keep talking. Keep your ears open for other conversations so you can talk to other people without having to talk to the disliked person. All in all you have options to ignore the disliked person. Just be careful, think and listen so you can avoid sorting that you do not want and in turn make you sad.

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The danger of milk that I learned the hard way.

As a child I ate and drank every heath. My mother never feed me junk food and when she did it was when we where on a road trip with no food of our own. Though as I grow so does my body. My mom had my brother and I drink milk all the time. However she could, if it was plain milk, chocolate or how ever it would be. My family loves milk, with the creamy feel and the knowing that it helps us grow. Though my mother and I would find out that when I am sick or have anything wrong in my stomach to NEVER give me milk. It was not until I was about 2 when we frist found out but it was always forgotten so we would have to remember it though the experience of me throwing up. Now we do not have that problem cause after seeing throw up stains we know I have a weak stomach. It is something that My family and I learned the hard way but I believe you could not know any other way than that. So know when I am sick or my stomach hurts never to go near milk. Though I still drink it when I am not sick cause i know it will keep my body in shape and it tastes every good.

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I can tell you so much about the flute and how it fills air with music.

The flute is one of the oldest interments ever. The sound it makes is the same as a bird. There are many levels of volume in a flute. They range from low to high with lettering known as octaves. An octave is a range of notes from A to G though the are more levels  of sound and pitch the that so there are octaves where the A to G repeat.  When these note are arranged in a specific order it creates music. In music you have a beat or a stead pulse where you keep rhythm while playing the flute you play in reference of the beats while reading the music. There are many kinds of music that the flute is able to perform in. They range from classic to rock/pop and anything in-between any music created the flute is able to play. The sounds it performs can fill a room with any emotion and hold it there until the style of the music changes.  I love to play the flute though I also love to hear it. It is something that the sound can never grow old. It is in history that the flute as played has though like a bird. We know though it has a greater power than to sound like a bird. I love the Flute and all it has to offer also how it has other interment like itself and are made the same way but prudes a stronger sound.  The Flute is something I can specialize in and I love it.

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:/  Friendship is one of the strongest bonds people can make. Your not born in to it or forced in to it you have to create it. When friendships are good they can last forever though when it is not they will end as soon as the two people are away from each other.  Friendships are not always easy there’s a certain way of being a friend. You must be able to give and have truest. also loyalty would be needed in the lasting friend  with forgiveness and some other good traits of being.  Friendships can be between any one bothers, sister, random people, and more.  The time it takes to make a friend difference from person to person.  Friendships can from between the most unusual people though when together can do anything they put there minds to.  People can create peace with friendship though there can always be drama. Being friends can be one of the strongest things among man kind. There is always the ability to have more friends and different type of friends its up to you to be apart of that. Friendship can proved happiness.

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Eyes and what they can mean in a movie.

There are many colors of eyes.  There are blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, black and many more shades. There are four main colors brown, green,  red, and blue. To me the color of the eye symbolises more than just the color. Whenever you watch a movie and it has specific characters, they show close up one detailed body parts and one major part is their eyes.  for instance when you see a vampire movie their eyes are all ways red eyes, compared to a mystical movie where they have bright green eyes. Then the blue eyes  in movies are  given to strong characters, ones that do a small thing that causes a lot or the character is cast in water where they likely put blue eyes to exaggerate the beauty. When red is placed in an eye color it usually means death, horror, unloving, it also gives blood a deeper color since the red is already being shown they do place it in vampire and dead or anything to scare an audience. Green eyes show nature, secrets, an ability to hide,  peace and curiosity then unlike red  most green eyes are found in elf, cats, or hunter. Though when you see brown eyes it not a surprise because it is a very common eye color though in  a movie it can mean warmth, calm, and death you can see brown see in any one more commonly expired maybe in elf but everyone can though they are lower mood characters its gives the same feel as green but much more calmer. Finally there are blue eyes which show life, passion, knowledge, mystery, and innocence which are usually in any character that would be in the story helping any thing if it asked these characters could be water creators, moon gods, and any innocent character. That is what some of the eye colors in movie characters represent and where you may find it being shown.

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A Place Beyond Death.

I can image a place that’s not heave or hell. This place is within our world but one we can not see. When we reach the place beyond death it’s not always quite. you are stuck there no way to go anywhere else but in the ream you are in. This area is what we call the ghost area. This area is where we go when are energy doesn’t go anywhere else.  You are in the real world but no one can see you expect other ghosts( dead people). Though sometimes servant people can see you when you do something that is effecting there reality.You wonder around useless in a non real state able to do anything that you put your mind to. You do not sleep or eat you are just there. You can wonder though buildings and watch others, also move from one place to the other without trying.There are other ghosts in this area of all ages and sizes. The other ghosts can be anything mean, good , a cat, a dog, anything you can imagine just being there  they can affect you or not it  just depends. They are truly lost souls in between heaven and hell. That is what it is like in the middle or ghost area. (more…)

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Girls get it easist and it rocks!!!

Girls always get what they want by using their “girly powers”. Girls get away with more things than guys do for one reason that is every simple. Guys are rash in their actions. Girls can be more layed back and have ways to manipulate people to have them be queens of the world. Most girls can have the best power which is being a suck up to dear old mother and father. When they us this so-called power they can get anything if they try.  Girls also being calmer type of person do not have to pay as much for car insurance. For an amount of girls they have it easier by being stay at home mothers and only have to care for the house and what kids at home.  Most girls are petite and the job given to girls do not require heavy lifting. Then girls being the beautiful people they are have guys pay for the frist date and most items they want. Girls can do almost everything a guy can do while it’s not the same for guys like how it would be odd for a guy to wear a skirt. Though now in the 21 century the different between girls and guys is becoming very small. Every one is being treated mostly the same and more things that would be odd for a girl or a guy to do is now more common. I do believe girls have it a little bit easier than guys but that’s in the 21 century maybe in the future girls will be paying the prise.  Though right now I’m a girl I do believe I get it easily.

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Love and what it means.

Love to me is a realm where you enter and there’s another world completely different from the one we live in now.  Some times you may find nothing but other times you may find your soul mate and all the friends you could ever hope for. Love is when you have very affectionate feeling toward someone and if they do not live with you can barely live or you are sad and feel like somethings always missing. When and if you belive you have found love you might realize your heart is pounding and your stomach has butterflies.  Also your hands are sweaty and your nerves are on the rage. That’s how it may feel when you feel love. If you see some else in love they may have googly eyes shored their loved one and they may talk none stop about them. Also they may have new petty items that they get when there is not a real big action and when there is a big action like valentines day they have lots of fancy thing and their faces glow from happiness. Love is an overwhelming power but can be used as a weapon if the skill as been learned. People are born with the ability to love it is a nature part of who we are. People learn to hate and to shut it out anything. Everyone can love  anything it is when they judge it on how they are makes it different. It is when they are faced with something strange or very odd is when they do not love it and opposite which slowly grows in it to hate. If people can learn to hate then they can relearn to love. Mostly everyone loves them self so when your not like them its easy to hate them. Love is what makes you feel warm inside and when you have love you can do anything. That is what love is and can be.

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